Hate dealing with Commercial Floor Cleaning?

We all dread the tedious task of mopping the kitchen floor and hoovering the whole house. But being responsible for ensuring communal work spaces are clean and tidy can be even more daunting. That’s where we can help. Our services will allow you to focus on what’s important – your business. We provide both regular and specialist carpet and floor cleaning for all types of businesses. Small commercial buildings through to large offices, warehouses and medical centres, our service knows no bounds.

Our Equipment

We use an industrial wet and dry extraction machine for both carpet and hard floor cleaning. This machine is excellent as it’ll give your floors an extremely thorough clean and also dries your floors. Saving you the time you would usually have to wait when cleaning with a traditional mop and bucket.

Our staff have been on Specialist Operator training courses to ensure they can use our equipment safely. Meaning we provide cleaning to a highly professional standard. Whilst a basic hoover is great for day to day upkeep, our machines ensure a thorough and deep clean. This type of clean is essential in well-used business spaces.

A carpet can appear clean on the surface, but dirt can be hidden deep down due to the nature of the pile or pattern. For a deeper, more thorough clean, our extraction machines apply water or a chemical to the carpet, which dislodges and dissolves the dirt. This is followed by the machine vacuuming or extracting all this dirt up from the carpet, leaving behind a near perfect floor.

Our Service

Our service is fast and efficient. We work on a flexible time scale according what is practical and convenient for you, to ensure little or no destruction is caused to your work space. We are confident our service covers all kinds of business flooring, so if you have a tricky task, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to provide a high standard of cleaning, specifically tailored to individual client requirements, at affordable prices.

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