Spring Cleaning your office

It’s that time of year whereby the infamous ‘spring clean’ is lingering at the back of everyone’s minds. Getting the clean done however, is another thing. Our lives seem too busy to clean at the best of times, let alone finding the time to do a whole big refresh of your work space! Though you may neglect or maybe not even think about the idea of clearing out your office space and starting again, it is very important. Stats show that a tidy and clean office space means a clean and tidy mind (check out our previous post on how a clean office boosts productivity in the workplace), so what better time to completely start from scratch than in Spring-Clean season!?

Areas to focus on:

First and foremost, the key thing to mention here is that a de-cluttered, clean and tidy office equals safe, healthy and productive employees. Sounds ideal, right?

Get rid of unnecessary junk

Ask yourself: ‘have I used this in the last 6 months? Did I even know I had this? Does it even work?’ and so on… If no was the answer, you could probably get rid and treat yourself to more space and less chaos. Afterall, if you have less things, your space will inevitably be less messy and probably less of a tripping hazard.

Sort the paperwork

We know you all hate it, but re-organising paperwork needs to be done to ensure you know where everything is. Though most work is now digital, just about every business relies on paperwork for SOMETHING. From client billing to tax preparation, perfectly filed paperwork has its uses. If you’re having to spend a lifetime looking for something, you’re most certainly losing money. Organising your filing system will ensure you have everything at your fingertips, whenever you decide you should need it…what a dream! Putting in a bit of time now, will most certainly be an investment.

Organise stationary supplies…’Where did that stapler go?’

To run an office effectively, a lot of everyday stationary is needed. From pens, to calculators, to staplers, if your work-space is disorganised, it’s likely you’ll be spending more on office supplies than you probably need to. Those pens aren’t all-gone, they’re just dotted around hiding somewhere! By giving your space a proper spring clean, you’ll be able to compile an inventory and cut down on excessive stationary orders. Hooray!

Where we come in:

We understand this all may seem a bit much for a work-space, but it will pay off. Once you’re de-cluttered, we can come in and really deep clean your office space, giving you that newly refurbished kinda feel. Our everyday is cleaning, so we know we can get this part done way speedier than most. Let your employees get back to what they do best and let us take over the spring clean!

From deep cleaning the floors to disinfecting all touch points, we don’t forget a single thing! Our services can be shaped around you and your needs. Though we’ll always give you suggestions in case we offer something beneficial to you that you hadn’t even thought about! (It does happen – being in charge of maintaining such a big space that is so heavily used is quite a task!) Oh, and we won’t forget about your kitchen either!

Head over to our services section to find out more and contact us for details on how we can assist you in your office spring clean.